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A very cute Time-Swept book.

Okay so this story starts out with the Queen of Fairy speaking of a mortal man who is everything every woman desires. She goes on and on goading the King and his court jester “The Fool” because of something she’d overheard them discussing the night before. Apparently they were comparing her to another woman, so she thought she’d get a rise out of them. After saying she agrees with all of the tales she’s heard about the man because she knows firsthand that they’re true. They both rise up jealous and ask for this mortal gods name.. She tells them his name is “The Hawk”..

Now the Fairy King and the Fool are going to make The Hawks life a living hell with their mischievous plan. The King wants the fool to find a beautiful woman who despises beautiful womanizing men..

1513 Scotland….Hawk has never met a woman who could refuse him. Being under the servitude of the King, he’s now forced to take on a wife, not of his choosing. King James has despised The Hawk for personal reasons of which you’ll find out about in the book 🙂 .

His bride to be is “Crazy Janet” of Comyn Keep.. She’s been locked up in the tower of her fathers castle for most of her life. The King has made it very clear if these two do not marry then both of their clans will be destroyed. Hawk thought he’d marry, but he wouldn’t have to love her….

1997 Seattle….. Adrienne is a very typical girl, but she has a past that is trying to catch up with her. She was in a loveless relationship with a very “beautiful” man. She thought that he loved her, she wore his engagement ring, so why not right? That didn’t happen, she got away from her fiance and was trying to settle down elsewhere. She completely swore off Handsome men for the rest of her life. Little did she know the Fairy Kings Fool had been watching her for weeks. He knew he’d found the perfect woman for The Hawk to marry.

So the fool plucks her from her warm baths, toothpaste, and her adorable kitten and drops her in the lap of the Laird of the Comyn Clan. The father of crazy Janet. He’s already freaking out because he’s killed his daughter. So he’s trying to figure out what to do , if his daughters dead who is going to marry the Hawk? He knows his clan is going to be obliterated by King James because of his temper. Now with Adrienne appearing out of thin air his prayers are answered! BAM Crazy Janet is back as far as he cares haha..
—- Doesn’t really say how he killed his daughter, but from reading about this guy in the book he seemed like a real A-hole who beat women. It’s also implied that the Fool might have put the idea in his head, that way he could replace Janet with Adrienne.

Shortly after that the Hawk sends his best friend Grimm to marry Janet by proxy since he was hungover. Romantic right? Course he thought he was marrying a crazy wench so he really didn’t care.
***I love learning about Grimms story in the next book “To Tame a Highland Warrior”…

Before any of this tho one evening Hawk and Grimm saw a shooting star go by. Grimm wished that for once Hawk would meet perfect woman with a perfect No on her lips for him. So the fact that Adrienne already hates all men is hysterical. Poor Grimm, blames himself that his friends new beautiful bride hates him haha.. The handsome Fool plays a big part throughout the book as Hawks new Blacksmith. Always getting in between Hawk and his new bride.

It really is a fun read, I liked it very much. 5 stars from me on http://www.goodreads.com