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Dark Lover by J.R. Ward


Sort of Long but I just read it and it’s all still fresh, Really liked this book!!!

Wrath is the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the last of the pure blooded vampires. He also just so happens to be the King of his race but he’s not willing to accept that fate because he deems himself unworthy. He and his brothers fight for their kind against the “Lessening Society”.

The “Lessers” are humans that have sold their souls to the Omega. Their purpose is to kill vampires. We have one Lesser in this book who we learn quite a bit about. The Fore-Lesser, leader of the Lessening Society.. Mr. X. — I really hate this guy… Altho he’s very good at what he does, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of him as the series goes on.

One night one of the brothers Darius approaches Wrath asking him for his aide, his daughter who he had with a human woman is about to undergo the “Change”. He knows she would have a better shot with having his pure blood. Wrath refuses his brother and Darius is crushed but accepts it thinking he can have a friend that’s a “Healer” of their race help him. But as fate would have it Darius never gets the opportunity to see his daughter thru her transition. Wrath is then left to fulfill his brothers last wishes.

When Wrath gets one look at Beth he’s pretty much in Awe of her beauty, the hard edged warrior starts to go soft……And it’s all over for him haha. I love how he struggles with himself about how he doesn’t want to get attached to her and be rid of her when her transition is complete.

Beth is your typical workaholic; too busy for herself young professional. Grew up in the system never really having anyone to love her. Lately it seems everything just keeps going pear shaped for her. She’s starving but can’t seem to curb her appetite no matter what she eats. The sun seems way too bright for her eyes to be able to handle. Her career is going no where.. Until she meets Wrath, then it really gets interesting. Their chemistry together is awesome!

I love Wards whole uptake on Vampires. In her writing vampires aren’t turned, you’re born that way.. Either the women become fertile and are able to bear children or a vampire will do the naughty with a human. If it’s the later typically that human then dies during childbirth, and the child has no idea they are what they are until their mid 20’s and undergo the transition. During that process they need to drink blood of a vampire, sometimes even then they don’t make it.

Vampires also do not feed on humans, sure they do/can but they don’t receive the sustenance to survive. They must feed from other vampires. Love this different approach to this race. Ward has a lot of characters in this series to fall in love with as well. One of the characters I really love so far is Butch “Hard ass” O’Neil, and he’s a human. He was head over heals in love with Beth but now he’s met a vampire who seems to have an interest in him. Can’t wait to see what develops between those two!

Very fun read, can’t wait to start book 2 ! =)

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