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Okay so Rhage (Hollywood) and Mary’s story was really sweet. Didn’t really know how Ward was going to come up with a HEA for these two but she does it yet again 🙂

Rhage is the strongest of the warriors of the BDB due to a curse the Scribe Virgin sets upon him because of his selfish ways. The Beast (his curse) keeps him in check for the most part. On the outside it’s a Dragon tattooed on his back. What resides within him tho is much scarier. He controls the beast by fighting or having meaningless sex. If he loses control, something very very bad happens. Lets just say shiny bright lights and take your pick of a Godzilla movie…. But I think it’s pretty cool that Rhage turns into a Godzilla/Dragon’esk type creature when he gets pissed off/sexually frustrated. Sure does help out with the Lessers. You sort of get a preview of this in the previous book “Dark Lover”.

In the beginning of the book we learn that Mary has been diagnosed with Leukemia, she works for a law office, and volunteers at a suicide hotline center some nights thru the week. Someone keeps calling her at the hotline, but they never speak to her. She tries to reach out to them but still all she receives is silence. Later on one of those nights after working at the call center while she’s at home in her backyard she realizes she’s not alone. With her is a young man, he startles her of course then he lets her know that he can’t speak but knows ASL. Luckily for him so does she. This is the person that’s been calling Mary..A little later we find out he’s been having certain dreams that normal humans don’t have… or are they memories??. From reading Dark Lover, I’m pretty sure John here is a certain cameo so to speak…don’t want to give away any spoilers if I’m right about this … But I hope I am!!!!
I like Mary’s friend Bella, she’s about as sweet as a vampire friend a human girl can have lol. Mary also doesn’t know that her friend is a vampire. Bella’s the reason Mary and Rhage meet in the first place. After Bella meets John and see’s what kind of writing is on a bracelet he’s wearing she knows that he is of her kind, but that he’s a part of the brotherhood in some way. (*Since John’s in his early 20’s he hasn’t gone thru the transition yet, even he doesn’t know what he is, but Bella knows if she doesn’t get him help he will not survive the change.) All Rhage has to do is hear Mary’s sweet melodic voice and he’s drawn to her like a moth to the flame.

–Bella has a rather awkward introduction to Zsadist while they’re introducing John to the Brotherhood. He’s so raw and menacing I love it, and so does she!

–Butch is a returning character in this book and I’m so happy for that. His character is adorable..

I like how Ward doesn’t make the males all seem like they’re “Hard Asses” towards their love interest in her books, sure they’re all intense warriors but not to their females. She’s shows their insecurities and weaknesses. And the fact that Mary doesn’t have a Swimsuit models body also makes it seem believable or more real..

The Lessers….. In this book we learn more about Mr. O ( David Ormund), I really don’t know whether to hate the guy immensely or just flat out feel sorry for him lol. Clearly you can see he really hates what he is. Calls himself a, “Soulless Thing.” But he’s really good at what he does…Maybe too good.. So Not sure, but clearly he has some issues forgetting the love of his life Jennifer. This guy is all sorts of effed up…Poor Bella gets caught up in the middle of that. Can’t wait for Zsadist to go after Mr. O and get his woman back =P. I’m going to love their story. Glad it’s next!!!!
Pretty gross that the Omega takes the hearts out of the humans during the induction ceremony into the Lessening Society and then keeps them in jars. The BDB likes to take the jars after they kill the Lessers and keeps them as their trophies haha..

Great Character line up, plot, with a lot of smutty goodness. I gave it 5 Stars 🙂 .