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So this is book #3 in the BDB Series, and so far it’s my favorite!!!!! Zsadist piqued my interest from book 1. He’s a tortured soul, always given the shadow of a doubt for his loyalty of the brotherhood, but I knew there was more to him then the savage animal everyone else, excluding his twin Phury saw him for.

While reading this book just think, “Lady and the Tramp, or Beauty and the Beast”. You have the Heroine Bella, who’s from an aristocratic family that is in love with Zsadist, and given his past with how it’s “ruined him” he ultimately knows he’s not good enough for her and that she NEEDS to be with someone better and of more worth than he.

We learn all about what being a blood slave entails, how Zsadist was relieved of that status. We also learn all the hot and dirty details of what happens to vampires when a female goes thru her “Needing Cycle”..Loved that whole segment =).

The comical relief from good ole Butch and V is so cute, you’d think that they were a married couple…Especially towards the end of the book! Love them..

This book definitely has A LOT of shocker moments that had me either wanting to grab a box of tissues, shouting “Ah-ha!!”, or made me raise my eyebrows a lot. Not too thrilled about some of whats happened, but what makes this series so great IS the unexpected.

Great Book!