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Wow! I have to admit I hadn’t heard of this series until I started seeing the previews for this movie a few months ago, but I knew from seeing them I definitely wanted to read these books. I really enjoyed “Beautiful Creatures”! It was a little slow to get going, but after you get all of the history of the town and some characters it picked up and took off!

It’s a very sweet love story between an awkward young boy (who is mortal) and an equally awkward young girl (who is a caster). Ethan had been having strange nightmares for months about a girl he’s never met before who seems like she always needs saving but he can never save her in his dreams before he wakes up. Looks like his mystery girl won’t be a mystery for much longer since she just moved in to town…..

So Lena moves in to stay with her town shut-in of an uncle. She’s not like the other debutantes/ southern belles because she has black hair instead of blonde, and she dresses in her own style, which doesn’t consist of any pastel colors. And since she’s totally different from all of the other girls in her class, she’s pretty much instantly hated. Which is still sad but true in high schools these days.. In the book Lena is 15, awaiting her 16th birthday where she will then be claimed either to be a Light or Dark caster. Something she is having a very hard time dealing with so her uncle is trying to help her thru it, and keep her safe since she runs into some obstacles along the way. Pretty neat meeting her other relatives and seeing what types of talents they possess to keep you wondering what Lena will end up being able to do once she’s claimed.

I like how it’s turned around in this book and you have the boy falling for the “bad girl”, and I actually thought the book would be told thru Lena’s perspective and not Ethan’s, I liked that. Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl made this a very fantasy, whimsical, and enchanting read that I didn’t want to put down. Can’t wait to start “Beautiful Darkness!”