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LarissaIoneQARS_zpsa6cbdf36Ahhhhhh I’m so excited about tonight! The moderators of this Goodreads group that Sky and I are in worked very hard to see this happen for us ! It will be from 7:00-9:00 pm est for the group “Gotta have Paranormal Romance with a Kick”.

Our questions/comments:

Sky ~~~ Hi there Ms.Ione! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, it’s an honor to be able to chat with such a talented lady as yourself =) I only had one question today, a silly one. I love cuddling up in bed and reading, and most often my hubby is lying next to me, he doesn’t read at all, so I’ll be playful and read to him chapters from different books. I love to see his reaction to the things I’ve read him from this genre! I guess he never expects something like that could be “read”, rather than be “watched” haha

I guess I just wonder, with so many WELL described erotica scenes, and of, well…male member lengths, has your husband ever read or heard any chapters, scenes and such from your novels, and how does he react? Great approval on his side I hope =D


Krystle ~~ Squeee!! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out with us Larissa! I fell in love with your Demonica and LoD series over this past summer, and I’ve been spreading your name around to my friends like wild fire ever since!

I actually read “Pleasure Unbound” when I took my first plane ride (by myself), so you pretty much kept my mind at ease during that adventure. So a big THANKS for that 🙂 Like you I am a huge animal lover, which is why I groom dogs for a living and I love all of the pictures you put up on Facebook of your king shepherd “Hexe”. She’s gorgeous and seems to love life!

1. I’m going to be a little naughty here and ask what I have been wondering about for a while haha.. When your write your naughty scenes in your book, do you ever ask your hubby for ideas so you can get a males perspective to go with yours? =P

2. With your dogs name being “Hexe” which clearly goes with the style of your writing, are you ever going to use it in any of your books as a character name?