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So I just got back from seeing the movie Beautiful Creatures, I apologize if this rant is a bit raw, but I just can’t help myself.

So I’m convinced that the Producer, Director, Screenwriter , NO ONE read or even knew what Beautiful Creatures was supposed to be about before they decided to make the movie… Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl must have just jumped the gun at the first Director to offer to make the movie … I can’t even begin where it all went wrong. The only thing they got right was casting Jeremy Irons as Macon Ravenwood and Alice Englert as Lena Duchannes… Movie over. Get up and leave the theater before you have to endure it.

I think they got too ahead of themselves, tried to rush you thru the movie with what’s going on in the book, only they left out A LOT OF KEY PARTS, not to mention A KEY CHARACTER or TWO or MORE!!!!…. It’s a Failboat.. To someone that hasn’t read the book, they would probably be completely lost.

  • How Ethan finds Genevieve’s locket is all wrong, the scenes that he and Lena see from the past are too short, could have been a lot better.
  • They made Amma into both Seer (which is what she is in the book) and Caster Librarian. The Librarian in the book is Marian Ashcroft, which was Ethan’s mothers best friend/work partner. Marian doesn’t exist in this movie..
  • Lena and Ethan never communicate with each other in their minds, like they do pretty much thru-out the whole book.
  • Ridley never sucked on her red lollipop when she was “Dark Casting/Being Herself” – cracked me up how she did this in the book..
  • The winter dance never happened in the movie. While I read thru this chapter I was trying to imagine how’d they do it in the movie.
  • Mitchell Wate (Ethan’s Father) never makes an appearance in the movie, so the scenes with him trying to unlock the door to his dads study, or how he discovers the covered up painting, going thru the Latin alphabet figuring out the clues his mother was trying to tell him about Lena “Claiming Herself” never happens..
  • Lena’s Birthday Party never happens..
  • The song 16 Moons never makes it into the movie- pretty important because the song would always change the closer she got to turning 16.
  • You never find out that Macon is an Incubus and that he’s been eating at Ethans dreams , which is why he couldn’t remember the ends of them..
  • And in the movie, Lena makes Ethan forget that he even knows who she is. Her way of protecting him, until the very last few seconds of the movie when he sees something to trigger his memory of her. Sure in the book she becomes distant and they break up, but their breakup only lasts a few days.

There are plenty of more things to point out, but I think you all can get the point. If you see it and like it , that’s great!

But from my point of view it’s just a mess… LOL it’s all I can say, and that’s a shame. I was really excited to see the movie.

Maybe on down the road someone else will have a better concept at how to go about rendering this from book to film.