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Lover Revealed

I always liked Butch “Hard-Ass” O’neal since the first book of the BDB Series. His smart ass attitude, gravely voice she makes him have, doesn’t take crap from anyone, love it! Thru the books she makes it seem like he could have been just as equally tortured as Zsadist was. Ward fills us in on why Butch’s family has always despised him and then wraps it up in the end.

I kind of want to write this up as a Butch and Vishous love story with Marissa who?!? These two have so much strange sexual tension between them it was comical and maybe somewhat disturbing. I told my friend who also read the book that it would have been hilarious if J.R. Ward went ahead and set up a little three way action between Butch, Vishous, and Marissa just to get it over with. =P

I am glad that the cop finally got his family he had been missing his whole life and that he’s officially a part of the Brotherhood. I liked how the author described the induction ceremony for the BDB.

Pretty neat to learn about when the Lessers go all poppin and bright flashes of light that they just go back to be a part of the Omega, and that they’re a part of his life source. So with Butch having this “Special Ability” he’ll able to put a stop to the Omega once and for all. Poor little Mr. X tho, all the guy wants is to end his miserable existence and be done with the Omega lol.. This guy’s going to need his own book when everything’s all said and done Haha!!

I think it would have been a little better if Marissa would own up to the fact that, “Yes, the person you are in love with hangs out and helps the brotherhood, yes he is going to fight and be put in danger from time to time, and yes he does love you. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!! Kind of straddled on going over the top with her dramatic self, but she was apart of the Glymera so it’s in her breeding to be that way I guess.

I miss Tohr and can’t wait to hear more about what’s happened/happening to him..

Good read!!