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Knight by Kristen Ashley

I thought this was a deliciously fast fun read. This author definitely knows how to raise your eyebrows at some seriously HOT moments, and has some great one-liners to add to this mix..

Story starts off with a typical girl at a party her friend dragged her to. This party is hosted at Knight Sebring’s swanky apartment, only Knight didn’t invite all of these people to the party.. His brother did. Anya wants to leave and finds herself in a sexy-scary situation, her cell phone is a piece of garbage and won’t hold a charge for longer than an hour so she goes to find her coat to leave and taxi it home and ends up seeing the next best thing, which is a land line. Only when she starts to use it she realizes that she’s in a very pissed off Knight Sebring’s bedroom.

From the first moment they meet Knight is this demanding, controlling, sexual man that can’t get enough of Anya. The things that come out of this mans mouth make you want Anya to tell him to get lost, but at the same time want her to just stay with him.

I like how the author describes Anya as a normal not model perfect woman. The scene where She and Knight are in bed naked for the first time and she describes her Buddha belly to him I almost DIED LAUGHING!!! That was hysterical, and it gives us other Buddha belly owning (too many beers) women hope of finding a man like Knight =)

**********SPOILER ALERT BELOW********


I was shocked near the end of the book to learn that Knight (given his past) has some extracurricular activities on the side with running his Club. Interesting how that turns out, I get it tho, he familiarizes himself with that nature since he grew up in that world so he would more or less think of himself as “Protecting” the women and trying to make their jobs easier on them, rather than them walking the streets unprotected. Like a high end Madame service only run by a handsome dominant.

The end of the story didn’t quite suit my expectations because I was hoping he would change his ways and break a few of his rules for Anya and marry her. I did like that he loved knowing he was going to be a father, and that it was a baby girl instead of what he wanted which was a boy haha:).

Sexy and Sweet