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“Fury” by Laurann Dohner

This book is simply a “Guilty Pleasure”, simple as that.

Ellie is working undercover at a pharmaceutical company stealing documents and proof that they are doing illegal experiments by combining human and animal DNA to form a “New Species”.. While doing this she falls for Subject #416 “Fury”.

So Ellie saves Fury from a doomed fate when she murders a lab tech before he had the chance to kill Fury. She then had to make it look like Fury did it in order for her to be able to leave the building since she had valuable information on her about the company, the kind that would convince a Judge to sign a warrant and get rid of all the illegal experiments and set the “New Species” free once and for all. Fury didn’t understand this at the time, so obviously this didn’t sit too well with him.. He swore he would kill her if he ever saw her again.

After the “New Species” are set free and are transferred to a place for them all to live, he finds out Ellie works there as a house mother to a dorm of females. He then becomes fixated on her confused about both falling for her and his animal side with wanting to kill her….

This story has both its ups and downs, I love love looooove the fresh idea of the animalistic species that they’ve created. The descriptions of the “New Species” were pretty neat with the feline-like & canine-like features. The whole time I read the book I kept thinking about how in the movie “Avatar” , the avatars were substantially larger than the humans, so I kind of thought that’s how the “New Species” would have probably been, except obviously not a few feet taller than the humans but still, pretty big.. I liked the females of the “New Species” and that they called Ellie their Poodle since she has long curly blonde hair, pretty humorous that they called the human a pet. The scene where they all followed her into the elevator and up to her apartment was really comical.

All in all I’d say that Fury is very much a dominating male.. Ellie is great at playing submissive, but she could have at least put up a better fight in the beginning of the book where Fury is “Punishing” her, that was a bit…fast and slightly felt a little wrong to read, that’s probably my biggest “Down” of this book..

One thing that made me laugh is when people would address Fury by Mr. Fury, I chuckled when I read that a few times.

I will be reading the rest of the books in this series.

4 Stars.