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I absolutely found this book to be adorable. It was a quick, fun, and delightful read.


In the beginning of the book you have the Greek Gods Dionysus and Eryx bickering to each other that the god of wine “Dionysus” spends too much time gallivanting around with his booze and ladies, while the god of love “Eryx” wastes his time posing as mortals in the human realm pretending to be either a museum curator, professor, writer, or archaeologist. He just wants to ensure that the humans are doing the Greek Gods justice by making sure they have all their facts straight about their “myths” and handle their treasures properly. – Reading the first chapter alone I knew that I loved Ms. Leo’s humor and that this was going to be an entertaining read.


This time Eryx decides to take on the role of becoming the new director of The Toronto Museum. He thought that since it’s in the middle of renovations and that they have a nice sized inventory of Greek valuables, they could use his help. I fell in love with him very easily from the descriptive words the author uses to describe him (swooooon) and his charming personality/attitude. The things he says to Maia will make your heart flutter a lot!


Maia Douglas is a funny, witty, quirky, dorky, awkward and beautiful girl who is a curator at the Toronto Museum. Her father Dr. Jim Douglas is a famous archaeologist who’d founded most of the Greek collection housed in this museum so this is basically Maia’s second home. Word is getting around that the new Director Eric Lord will be arriving soon and that he is pretty ruthless when it comes to “cleaning house”. It’s no secret that she’s very fond of the Greek statue Eryx The God of Love in the Greek section of the museum, so when the God himself walks in the museum in his mortal guise as Eric Lord, I’d love to have seen the look on her face thinking the man of her dreams has come true!


I loved this character and immediately identified with her for her awkwardness and loved that she was passionate for things others would deem her for being a geek. More people need to be like this instead of thinking they need to hide what they love doing from others!!


There were some great lines/thoughts in this book that had me laughing out loud and rereading them after I’d stopped laughing just to start laughing again..


-“Last I heard he was farming cattle somewhere.” He rolled his eyes. “He’s always been curiously fond of cows.” – Talking about the Greek God Zeus


-Death by chicken wing seemed like such a strange way to go. – Maia


-Maia had seen a lot of flamboyant gay bars. This one was flaming hotter than a pink flamingo on fire.



Will definitely recommend this to a friend and continue on with the series, Thanks Rosanna Leo for a great read:)