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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward


 I gave this one a 3.5 Star Rating


Thru-out all of Wards other BDB books, V had sooooooooooo much potential to be .. just more. His relationship with Butch (Cop) O’neal and the things that they said back and forth to each other really gave me some “Whoa” moments. I did think that he and Jane were sweet together. I liked her spunkiness. An example that made me like her more was when she got into wanting to help carve her name into V’s back since she’s a surgeon and good with knives.


I did like learning about V’s history with his mother and father. I didn’t see it coming when it was revealed who his mother was. The whole idea of the Primale and rebuilding the brotherhood is interesting..


I just kind of felt like this book was rushed, I wish it could have been about … I don’t know 50-100 pages more. At the end of the book when there were like 10-15 pages to spare.. Their HEA was written pretty quick-like. I was thinking to myself how in the world can this end the way it is, poor V.. Then Boom, problem solved, the end..


At some points in the book I was more interested in John Matthew and Phury, and I hate that :/ .