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Okay so this book took me 2 weeks to get thru, mostly because it’s spring and I’ve been busy out in the yard/ housework, etc…


That being said, I really didn’t get into this book until about page 190. Kind of like V’s book it was just a little show for me, but I think it has a lot to do with the author adding a few other subplots with what’s going on with the other people and not just keeping the main focus on Phury and Cormia. Sometimes all the lesser talk will just put me to /snoreville, but I know it’s all extremely relevant so I won’t complain! I did not like Phury just losing control of himself and getting disgraced from the brotherhood 😦 ..


Phury and Cormia’s cat and mouse game they played with each other kind of miffed me. I was starting to think that for a while Cormia and John Matthew were going to start to have a little relationship bloom between them. But then it became obvious that JM has some strong feelings for bad girl Xhex.. Whether or not they come to be or anything happens between them… It’ll be interesting!


Since their story takes up about 25% of the book , all I’m really going to say about Phury and Cormia’s relationship is …. FINALLY, Phury can stop being celibate! I damn near clapped for him when he and his mate found their connection and fell in love!! He deserved it after having gone thru what he had for years of self torture.


Key Elements I liked from the book ~~


When the Omega went back in time to impregnate a vampire to bear his son Lash.. Who by the end of the book after his transformation from being just a vampire to bad ass Lesser Vampire.. He is now the ultimate lesser.. With some pretty cool parlor tricks..


I loved loved loooooooved that Tohr is back, his reunion with John Matthew brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for the both of them!!! I want to see more of this fallen angel Lassiter guy =)


I was kind of bumming that Phury and Cormia were going to live off of the compound away from the brotherhood. But they need to take care of all the chosen who decided to come to the far side to live so that is understandable. I don’t know, guess since they’ve all stuck together thus far, I just wanted it to stay that way haha.. At the end of the book when Phury is sitting alone outside listening to the Opera, and all of the sudden Z appears singing to him, then the whole brotherhood appears and asks if he and Cormia will come meet Nalla, Bella and Z’s daughter.. That was just awesome!


Rehv and his Princess… Their little deal they have going on once a month is very very interesting…


So Quinn and Blay, best friends or lovers… Hmmmm!!!!!