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The Pharaoh and The Curator by Sophia Jones

Okay I really enjoyed this Paranormal Erotic Short by author Sophia Jones!!! This is her second shorty and you can really tell that she enjoys writing. This story had humor, sex, passion, creativity, and it all came together quite nicely. I was left wanting M-O-R-E!

Starts out with Michelle and her partner Seth working on site in Cairo, both are curators from a museum in Boston, MA. The opening line of the book, had me rolling, LOL.. I knew immediately I loved this author, she’s my kind of people. Ha Ha.. They’re working on getting a 60foot tall Obelisk raised using only the tools that the ancient Egyptians would have had available to them at the time.

After they had it raised and all the Hoorays are going on / people applauding each other for this great feat they accomplished, she notices a man appear. A delicious, bronzed skin man… Wearing Leopard Print LOL. Again, I died laughing at Michelle’s reaction to this sight. She thinks that the sun has gotten the best of her and doesn’t trust herself that this beautiful man is actually standing there, so she turns the head of her colleague to prove she’s not crazy. He confirms that there is indeed a man standing there, so after this discovery she breathes easy knowing she won’t be sleeping in a white padded room later. Then the giant Obelisk starts to fall over… Right in the direction of where the mystery man is standing. Michelle wastes no time getting to him and knocking him out of the way. She saves him by just a few mere feet from being pummeled down into the sand like a hammer to a nail. But after that’s all said and done things take a turn for the worst……


Although I would love to keep going with my thoughts of what’s going to happen and how it will all be resolved…. I won’t. Without wanting to “Reveal” too much more, I will stop here.

But I really have to hand it to Sophia, this story was just really cute. I love, love, loooooved the attitude the lead female Michelle had in the book. Her humor with a flare of snark was great and I can identify myself with her 🙂 .

Our souls are connected, the same. We’re two parts of the same ka.”

You and I have lived many lifetimes together. We don’t live and die in the same manner as human beings.”

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