Sky and Krystle

Sky and Krystle


Thanks for stopping by !!  This page will be dedicated to my thoughts of the guilty pleasures that I like to read. I’ve always loved reading, and you’ll always find me with a book in my purse as I have not yet purchased an E-reader.. I very much enjoy going to book stores and searching for deals, seeing what’s new, or looking for something different to read. You also can’t beat the smell of books, there’s nothing like it and I love it! I swear I’m not strange…. Not to mention that I love the look of my bookshelves haha. Going to need to make room for another one soon me thinks…..

My friend Sky and I have started a group on both Facebook and Goodreads called The Booknatics. She and I are always discussing what books we’re reading, favorite authors, anything book related in general. We love them!! We’d like to get more people who love books as much as us in on our conversations ! We will even be hosting Google Hangout Sessions and adding them to our YouTube channel .

My goodreads site


A little more about me , I’m 27 and for work I am a Dog Groomer. Have been doing this for 8 years now and I love it!! It’s a really good career for me since I love animals. I don’t own a dog yet but I do have my 2 cats ( my little furbabies ) Jack and Gibbs.

When I’m not working you’ll find me:

-Spending time with family; spoiling my 2 beautiful nieces Madison and Katelyn
-Going to the movies/ watching movies at home
-Having “Game” nights with friends ( Table-Top, Console, or Cards )
-Baking – I love to bake!
-Tending to the flower garden in the summer
-Social Networking
-Being a Geek over a video game

But all in all, if there’s downtime in my day you’ll no doubt catch me with a book in my hand haha!!

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