Review: Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward


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Okay so this book took me 2 weeks to get thru, mostly because it’s spring and I’ve been busy out in the yard/ housework, etc…


That being said, I really didn’t get into this book until about page 190. Kind of like V’s book it was just a little show for me, but I think it has a lot to do with the author adding a few other subplots with what’s going on with the other people and not just keeping the main focus on Phury and Cormia. Sometimes all the lesser talk will just put me to /snoreville, but I know it’s all extremely relevant so I won’t complain! I did not like Phury just losing control of himself and getting disgraced from the brotherhood 😦 ..


Phury and Cormia’s cat and mouse game they played with each other kind of miffed me. I was starting to think that for a while Cormia and John Matthew were going to start to have a little relationship bloom between them. But then it became obvious that JM has some strong feelings for bad girl Xhex.. Whether or not they come to be or anything happens between them… It’ll be interesting!


Since their story takes up about 25% of the book , all I’m really going to say about Phury and Cormia’s relationship is …. FINALLY, Phury can stop being celibate! I damn near clapped for him when he and his mate found their connection and fell in love!! He deserved it after having gone thru what he had for years of self torture.


Key Elements I liked from the book ~~


When the Omega went back in time to impregnate a vampire to bear his son Lash.. Who by the end of the book after his transformation from being just a vampire to bad ass Lesser Vampire.. He is now the ultimate lesser.. With some pretty cool parlor tricks..


I loved loved loooooooved that Tohr is back, his reunion with John Matthew brought tears to my eyes, I was so happy for the both of them!!! I want to see more of this fallen angel Lassiter guy =)


I was kind of bumming that Phury and Cormia were going to live off of the compound away from the brotherhood. But they need to take care of all the chosen who decided to come to the far side to live so that is understandable. I don’t know, guess since they’ve all stuck together thus far, I just wanted it to stay that way haha.. At the end of the book when Phury is sitting alone outside listening to the Opera, and all of the sudden Z appears singing to him, then the whole brotherhood appears and asks if he and Cormia will come meet Nalla, Bella and Z’s daughter.. That was just awesome!


Rehv and his Princess… Their little deal they have going on once a month is very very interesting…


So Quinn and Blay, best friends or lovers… Hmmmm!!!!!


More news about Stephen King


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Seems they ARE in fact going to remake “Cujo” – more info can be found ~ here ~. Do you guys think it’s worth it to remake that movie? I just hope they find a less annoying little boy to play the part in the new one hahaha!

And you can watch the trailer for “Under The Dome” ~ here   ~ It will be a 13 episode mini series starting up in June on CBS.

Cell by Stephen King… Coming to the big screen!!!


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So I read this book a few years back after my boss recommended it to me, and I loved it! After I read it I thought immediately that this story should be turned into either a movie  or a tv series on HBO or something. Well…. this morning I learned that it WILL be a movie and that so far actor John Cusack will be starring as the main character Clayton Riddell.

I’m so stoked!


Cell – IMDB


J.R. Ward “Lover At Last” book signing event – Cincinnati, OH 2013


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I just had a BLAST at the book signing down at music hall!!! Ms. Ward is a absolute riot! I wish I could have won one of the 8 raffle’s that got to sit and have 1 on 1 time with her. But I’ll take a signed book, poster, and bookmark :). She answered a lot of questions for everyone, did not disappoint at all. Here’s a recap of what went down, her Moderator just put this up on her website.


* HERE THEY ARE – I SWEAR… * * * * *
Next book is about Wrath and Beth and is called the King – it will be about him having and heir…
We will see more of Murdher but it involves Xhex… more when the timing is right
Saxton – Big keep reading!
Rhage and Mary’s novella. JR is about 146 pages in, just has to finish it.
Next Angels book is called Possession and cover was shown
Lassiter will get a book when he’s ready – he opens up a whole storyline and she’s not sure whether he’ll feature in BDB or Fallen Angels (she didn’t not say both 😉 )
Movies? She’s focused on the books but would only happen with someone who could do the books justice.
She doesn’t know how Layla’s pregnancy will go – a KEEP READING
Beth’s pregnancy may be more in line with humans given she’s a half breed
Lash WILL be back, she just doesn’t know when – EEP!!
Is there a connection between Michael (Story of Son) and Murdher – answer “Duh!” but doesn’t know if it will be “seen” in a book.
Sola isn’t related to Manny and Butch
How will it work with Qhuinn and Blay, Layla, Xcor and the baby – KEEEEEP REEEADING!!
Did the SV create the Shadows – they are a subspecies that developed
Assail – Warden thinks he’s awesome, she’s obsessed with him and his cousins are totally effin HOT!!
There is a nexus with the Fallen Angels battle for good and the development of the BDB plotline – she thinks it could go either way but a crossover is logical
There wasn’t anything else (or anyone else) in the barrels with Luchas
Qhuinn and Luchas return to their parent’s house, Qhuinn sees Luchas as a victim and we’ll see more of Luchas
Will we find out more about the glymera female who had an orgy with the Bastards – yes!
Why didn’t we get Ehric’s twin’s name – because she writes what she sees and doesn’t know it yet
Are Sissy and Jim going to fall in love – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEADING!!
Will Nalla have a book so we can see lose his sh!t? She doesn’t know
Will Xcor turn on the Bastards for Layla – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEADING!!!
Will we find out about Butch and Manny’s father and if there are more kids – KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!
Layla is considered Fallen  (Chosen, not angel 😉 )
Will Butch be in another book? Yes, and we’ll see some closure for him and José
Are they going to expand the rules for brotherhood inductions? Yes and Blay, Payne and Xhex could be inducted in future
Were there a lot of edits for the Blay and Qhuinn sex scenes? – There was nothing edited out.
Payne can help heal the Brothers of injuries etc but he doesn’t know if Payne’s gift is with limits or has to be replenished but she WILL keep George alive (as in longer than reg dogs 😉 )
No definite plans for a second Insiders’ Guide buuuuuuuut maybe in the future
Will the SV be in The King?  She doesn’t know but something will need to be done with her.
Wrath still owes the SV that favor…
There WILL be more about Jane and V – she’s also talking to her publisher about revisiting each couple in full book form.  (Personal Modly Woohoo here lol)
Do we know who Elan was talking to?  Yes
Both Blay and Qhuinn release bonding scents
Is Saxton working on the full blooded heir law?  Not yet
Are Tohr and Xcor brothers?  Not saying a thing…
Will there be two males bonded to one female – again she ain’t talking
Are Throe’s family alive and in/be in the books?  KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!!!
Will Fritz get a story – she doesn’t think he can be developed into a story.
Will Havers ever be redeemed and have a story?  NO!!!
Will Havers be in The King and deliver Wrath and Beth’s baby – KEEP READING (but over the WARDen’s dead body!!!)
Is Sola human?  100%, absolutely human.
Is Xhex living in the mansion with John Matthew?  Yep, they have worked through their issues 😀
Will we see Layla’s baby soon?  Yes.
Do we know about the coffins in the garage? Not yet but she *thinks* it may come up in The King
Is Phury going to do better by the Chosen?  KEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEEEEEEEEEEADING!!
Is Eddie coming back? We’ll see him buuuuuuuuuuut KEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP REEEEADING!!!
And that’s all folks – you may now comment your hearts out but remember you were warned of spoilers sooooooooooooo told you so!!!
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Q & A with Shannon K Butcher , Put Together by the Goodreads Group ~ Gotta Have Paranormal Romance With A Kick~


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Shannon K. Butcher was nice enough to join us for a little Q&A session this evening. Here are both mine and Sky’s questions and Shannon’s answers 🙂 She is a very delightful and down to earth person, I was very happy to of had the opportunity to talk with her. Thanks to the girls at ‘Kick who put this fun event together!



Thanks again for joining Shannon 🙂

Who/What was your biggest inspiration growing up, that inspired you to write the stories that you do?

When you go out with your friends do you talk to them about your books, ask them for ideas/opinions with certain scenes?

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night having dreamed up ideas for your books and write them down?





I dream about stories all the time. In fact, there are often alternate stories running around in my head, and sometimes hard to remember which one ended up in the book. And then there are those dreams with me and Madoc…Don’t tell Nika. 🙂

I have a bunch of writer friends and we talk shop quite a bit, but surprisingly, it’s less about the actual stories and more about the business side of things. Contracts, deadlines, revisions, conventions…all of the things that other writers tend to get more than non-writers.

Sometimes I’ll mull over an idea with a friend or two, but that usually ends up being more of a one-sided conversation than a discussion. It’s amazing how things become clear when you say them out loud.

As far as inspirations growing up, I’d have to say my parents were really the biggest influences on me, even though I never had any intention of becoming a writer. Mom actually read romances and was the artistic one. Dad was more practical. While he’s wildly creative, what he really taught me was a solid work ethic. Protestant work ethic? In my house, we made those guys look like slackers. 🙂





My questions have already been asked, but I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful tale! I wish we had more men like them in our real world haha. (Like Thomas *sniffles*)
I guess one question would be, is that if anything specfic inspired the idea for the Luceria and ring. It’s such a intricate way to hold a bond, and such a genius idea! 


I can’t think of any specific thing that inspired the luceria. It’s one of those things that came out of my brain soup–a messy mix of all kinds of nerdy stuff.




Review: Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward


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Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward


 I gave this one a 3.5 Star Rating


Thru-out all of Wards other BDB books, V had sooooooooooo much potential to be .. just more. His relationship with Butch (Cop) O’neal and the things that they said back and forth to each other really gave me some “Whoa” moments. I did think that he and Jane were sweet together. I liked her spunkiness. An example that made me like her more was when she got into wanting to help carve her name into V’s back since she’s a surgeon and good with knives.


I did like learning about V’s history with his mother and father. I didn’t see it coming when it was revealed who his mother was. The whole idea of the Primale and rebuilding the brotherhood is interesting..


I just kind of felt like this book was rushed, I wish it could have been about … I don’t know 50-100 pages more. At the end of the book when there were like 10-15 pages to spare.. Their HEA was written pretty quick-like. I was thinking to myself how in the world can this end the way it is, poor V.. Then Boom, problem solved, the end..


At some points in the book I was more interested in John Matthew and Phury, and I hate that :/ .


Review: Old Souls by P.A. Lupton


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Really enjoyed this story, it starts out with Alyssa who’s a very sought after graphics design artist that’s recently been hired on at one of Toronto’s largest firms as art director. She’s having a rough morning because she’s due to give a presentation and one of the owners of the company Mark Young will be there. Mark always has the last say as to what goes and what doesn’t. It also doesn’t help that ever since she got hired on two weeks ago she’s been having some intense dreams about a man she’s never met but does oh so wonderful things to her.


A little while later during the meeting she starts feeling a strange vibrating hum underneath her skin. With every second that passes they get more and more intense until the doors open and Mark Young comes bursting thru them. She then realized that he is the man she’s been dreaming about.. Her life changes drastically after that moment. I would of loved to have been a fly on the wall when he was standing in the doorway, eyes focused solely on her and he tells everyone except her to get out of the boardroom.. That to me was a pretty H-O-T moment. Hating the thought that now everyone in the office probably thinks that he is either dissatisfied with her work or they have something going on between them he assures her that he loves her work, and that there is something personal between them, she just doesn’t know it yet. Then after they talk for a bit he tells her if anything unusual happens to her, to give him a call.. I love how Ms. Lupton uses this mysterious/cryptic way to get the story started!

I Couldn’t put the book down for long that’s for sure, I had to know what was going to happen next with Mark and Alyssa and how their journey would end. Loveable characters, interesting plot, great ideas!

I also liked how the author threw in what movies they watched or music they were listening to, those are actually favorites of mine. Would love to have more, especially about the Brothers.