The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.

I absolutely loved this Paranormal/Romantic journey that the main character MacKayla Lane goes on. She starts out living the high life ( spoiled rotten) in Georgia, while her sister/best friend is in college over in Dublin, Ireland.. Then her world as she knows it shatters when she learns that her sister has been murdered.. The detectives don’t have a lead , it seems that the case is going to be closed , no answers anywhere in sight… This doesn’t settle well with Mac, she then takes matters into her own hands and ventures out on her own to Dublin to solve her sisters murder herself.
Soon as she arrives in Dublin tho, she doesn’t get any answers, only more questions. Everything changes, SHE changes…

Ahhh the incredible Jericho Barrons, where to begin with this dreamy, deliciou…..Ummm yeah.. Anyways, Mac gets acquainted with him real quick.. He pretty much forces her to hone in on her Gift as a Sidhe-Seer/Null.. Someone who can see the Fae/Unseelie.. Most I’m pretty sure we’d be glad we couldn’t see. Barrons owns a Book and Bauble shop, he has Mac live there so he can keep a close eye on her while he uses her for her “Gifts” to look for long-lost relics the dark book the Sinsar Dubh.

This is a 5 book ( so far ) Series that is so enchanting, fun, and absolutely thrilling, you won’t want to stop reading.. And when you do read the last book , you’ll just feel so lost for a little while because I know I was.. LOL

I give all of these books 5 Stars..


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